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Kwestify Features


Niche Research

Brainstorm niches, specialized niches, and even sub-niches of your main niche.

Keyword Competition

Provides insights into keyword completion and ranking data for SEO optimization.

Top 1000 Keywords

Find what's trending fast. Get the top 1000 keywords for location-specific stats and insights.

Product Research

Find names of individual products you can promote based on your niche.

Custom Competition

Paste in your own list of keywords to check for competition and find those low-hanging fruits.

People Also Ask

Extracts up-to-date "People Also Ask" questions from search engine results pages (SERPs). Set alerts for new results!

Related Searches

Extracts related search queries from SERPs for comprehensive keyword analysis.

Title Generator

Generate relevant and high quality titles for articles, videos, and other marketing content.

People Also Search

Gathers "People Also Search For" data from SERPs to enhance keyword research.

Duplicate Remover

Eliminates duplicate titles using fuzzy search to prevent duplicate content posts on your website.

Keyword Discovery

Uncover new and trending keyword suggestions from Google, Amazon, or Youtube.

Domain Generator

Easily find niche specific domains ending in .com available to purchase for around $10 each.

Local Marketing Research

Collect lists of cities based on zip codes, services provided by industries, local places, attractions, things to do, and combine keywords with cities and locations in bulk to dominate your niche.

NEW: KGR Keyword Calculator

Get keyword KRG and ranking data for a list of custom keywords.

NEW: Keyword Clustering

Get similar or related keywords from main keyword and group them into clusters.
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Get Results

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Niche Research With "Niche Digger"

Kwestify's Niche Finder is a game-changer for affiliates and marketers seeking to carve out unique market spaces. Enter a keyword and watch as the Niche Finder illuminates a spectrum of niche and sub-niche opportunities, each with its own potential for growth and profitability. But it doesn't stop there — based on your chosen keywords, Kwestify suggests a curated list of products and services you can promote, tailored to the nuances of each niche.

Whether you're looking to break new ground or dominate a subset of the market, the Niche Finder equips you with actionable insights to identify lucrative affiliate opportunities and strategize your entry with confidence.

Discover Hidden SEO Opportunities with Precision

Unleash the potential of data-driven SEO with Kwestify’s robust keyword research features, designed to give you a competitive edge in the digital marketplace.

Imagine accessing a treasure trove of high-value, low-competition keywords with just a click, revealing untapped opportunities to capture targeted traffic and convert more leads. Our intuitive dashboard not only presents search volume, cost-per-click data, and trend analyses but also demystifies ranking difficulties, empowering you to make informed decisions and maximize your marketing ROI.

Find Questions on Everyone's Mind with Kwestify

Stay ahead of the curve with Kwestify's 'People Also Ask' (PAA) feature, a goldmine for content relevance and user engagement. Directly tap into the pulse of your audience's most pressing queries, extracted in real-time from Google's PAA boxes.

This insight not only guides you to answer the questions your potential customers are actively seeking but also enhances your content's visibility and authority on search engines. By integrating these top questions, you position yourself as the go-to source, driving more traffic to your site and elevating your SEO ranking effortlessly.

Local Keyword Research Tools

Kwestify's Local Marketing Tools are a suite of solutions designed to amplify your local SEO and marketing efforts. Whether you're targeting specific demographics or tailoring your content to regional interests, these tools are indispensable.

Enter a zip code and receive a detailed list of cities to refine your geo-targeting. Explore various services within an industry for targeted marketing campaigns. Discover popular places and attractions to enhance your local relevance, or compile a curated list of things to do in any given area to engage with both residents and visitors alike. These tools not only help you capture the essence of a locality but also enable you to create content that resonates deeply with local audiences, driving engagement and fostering community connections.

Google, Amazon, YouTube Trending Keywords

Kwestify's cutting-edge technology taps into the power of autocomplete searches from giants like Google, YouTube, and Amazon to bring you a treasure trove of keyword insights. This feature harnesses the predictive search queries generated by millions of users, offering you a window into the most current and popular searches across the web.

It's invaluable for identifying trending topics, understanding consumer behavior, and uncovering long-tail keywords that are ripe for the taking. By integrating these autocomplete suggestions into your SEO and content strategies, you're not just following trends — you're anticipating them, positioning your content to meet your audience exactly where they're searching.

Keyword & Title Creation at the Speed of Thought with Kwestify

Kwestify isn't just a keyword tool; it's a content creation powerhouse. By harnessing the power of AI, Kwestify takes the seeds of your keyword research and blossoms them into a full garden of ready-to-publish titles for articles, social media posts, and videos.

The journey from keywords to title creation is just a click away. Empower your marketing strategy with Kwestify, where efficiency meets creativity, turning insights into impactful content that resonates with your audience.

Integrates Flawlessly With AIWiseMind

Do you use AIWiseMind? Kwestify's seamless integration with AIWiseMind revolutionizes content creation, making it a breeze for marketers and writers alike. With the simple click of a button, select desired titles from Kwestify and watch as they are effortlessly imported into AIWiseMind.

Instantly initiate a new campaign where AIWiseMind works its magic, crafting informative, SEO-optimized articles for each title. This not only streamlines your content pipeline but also ensures that each piece is tailored to meet the specific interests of your target audience, enhancing engagement and driving traffic. Embrace the synergy of Kwestify and AIWiseMind and turn the daunting task of content production into a smooth, efficient, and enjoyable process.

Domain Name Generator

Expanding its suite of trailblazing features, Kwestify introduces the Domain Name Generator, specifically crafted for entrepreneurs ready to stake their claim online.

With this tool, simply input your niche and it instantly generates a list of .com domain names that are not only relevant but also budget-friendly, available for $10 or less. This means that within moments, you can secure a digital address that perfectly encapsulates your brand's essence and is poised for marketability. The Domain Name Generator is more than a convenience; it's your first step towards establishing a memorable online presence, ensuring your brand stands out in the digital landscape from the get-go.

Why choose Us?

Veteran Team

Kwestify was designed by 7-figure veteran marketer Chris Derenberger and Nasir Nobin. We offer ongoing updates, enhancements, and superior support, making Kwestify not just a mere tool, but a reliable ally in your journey to online marketing triumph.

Keyword Research with Ease

Discover low-competition, high-impact keywords effortlessly using Kwestify's advanced keyword research tools, paving the way for your SEO dominance.

Streamline Your Content Creation

Transform the way you generate content with Kwestify’s AI-driven title generation and unique keyword discovery tools, making content creation effortless and more effective.

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What is the refund policy?

We offer a full refund within the first 7 days of your purchase if you are unsatisfied with our service for any reason. However, to maintain a fair environment for all customers, this refund policy is only valid if you have used less than 50 credits during this period.

Please note that if you have used more than 50 credits within the initial 7-day period, the refund policy becomes void and no refund request will be entertained, regardless of the remaining duration of the 7-day refund period. This is to prevent misuse of our services.

How do credits work?

Credits are utilized in a straightforward manner. For most features, accessing 100 data results requires 10 credits. For instance, conducting keyword research on a particular keyword to view the top 100 results consumes 10 credits. Similarly, if you’re looking to examine 1,000 results for keywords and SEO data, the cost will be approximately 100 credits.

This credit system applies to various keyword tools available in Kwestify and PAA. However, opting to set alerts for “People Also Ask” questions incurs additional credits. Kwestify conducts checks twice daily, which will require credits for each instance. The campaign page provides an estimated credit cost based on the number of keywords you have alerts set for.

Specialized tools like “Niche Digger” and “Domain Name Generator” demand 30 credits for every 100 results. This increased cost is due to the integration of GPT technology for enhanced results.

Do credits roll over?

No, credits will renew every 30 days from the date you subscribe.

Can I cancel, upgrade, or downgrade?

Yes, at any time you can cancel, upgrade, or downgrade from with your Kwestify dashboard.

Do you offer support?

Yes, we have a dedicated support group ready to help you with any issues you have.

I didn't get my login information.

If for some reason you didn’t get your login information, visit the login page here and try resetting your password. If that doesn’t work, send us a support message at